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09 November 2010 @ 07:04 pm
Crossover & Doctor Who/Torchwood fanart  
Some fanart that I made recently:

mini-banner/header (+ background image):
- Crossover: BtvS/SPN (Buffy/Dean), BtvS/True Blood (Buffy/Eric), BtvS/Twilight (Buffy/Jacob), Doctor Who/Supernatural (Martha/Dean, Rose/Sam, general shows), Doctor Who/Veronica Mars (10/Veronica, 11/Veronica), Harry Potter/Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Harry/Percy, Hermione/Percy), multiple

- Crossover: BtvS/Criminal Minds (Faith/Spencer), BtvS/SPN (Dawn/Sam), BtvS/Twilight (Buffy/Jacob), Charmed/Harry Potter (Prue/Sirius), Doctor Who/SGU (Jenny/Eli), Doctor Who/Torchwood/Supernatural (Jack/Dean, Rose/Sam, Martha/Dean), Harry Potter/Narnia (Harry/Ginny/Caspian), Harry Potter/Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Harry/Percy)
- Doctor Who/Torchwood: Jack/Rose, Martha/Jack/Rose, Martha/Rose

- Crossover: BtvS/LotS (Faith/Denna), Doctor Who/Merlin (Morgana/10)

(see it all here @ my journal)